Offering Comprehensive Legal Services To The Residents Of Ventura And Santa Barbara County

Offering Comprehensive Legal Services To The Residents Of Ventura And Santa Barbara County

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For over two decades, our staff at has helped our clients in Ventura and Santa Barbara County protect their livelihoods. As legal advocates, we will work with you to find long-term solutions for a variety of matters, including workers’ compensation, personal injury, bankruptcy or immigration claims.

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Protecting The Rights Of Injured Workers

If you are injured on the job or suffer from an occupational disease, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. In addition to paying for your medical treatment, workers’ compensation can provide wage replacement, continuing education vouchers, and compensation for temporary and permanent disability.

Chances are, if you make a work injury claim, your employer will not look out for your best interests and may even try to deny you the quality medical care and compensation you deserve. At the Law Offices of Paul F. Kinsler, we will work to ensure that you get all the benefits you are entitled to under the law.

For more than 20 years, we have helped injured workers throughout Southern California get the medical treatment and financial compensation they need to recover from their injuries and provide for their families. We can help you, too.

Contact us at to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Oxnard workers’ compensation lawyer. There is no obligation. We represent clients throughout Southern California.

Types Of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

  • Medical treatment: Your employer must pay for all reasonable medical expenses related to your work injury. However, you must see a doctor who has been approved by your employer. If you feel your medical care has been inadequate, we can fight to get you the quality medical treatment you deserve.
  • Temporary total or partial disability: These benefits equal two-thirds of your average weekly wage in the event that you cannot return to your usual and customary occupation for a short period of time.
  • Permanent total or partial disability: These benefits equal your future loss of earnings measured on a scale of 0-100.
  • Supplemental job displacement voucher: These benefits provide money for educational retraining or skill enhancement if you cannot return to your usual and customary occupation.

It is important to know that your doctor’s diagnosis will determine your medical treatment and the type of workers’ comp benefits to which you are entitled. Our law firm will help you find the best doctor to address your specific medical needs. Then, we will demand that the insurance companies authorize your treatment and pay for the appropriate benefits. If they refuse – we’ll take them to court.

Ventura Industrial Accident Lawyer

The Law Offices of Paul F. Kinsler can help you with your workers’ comp claim. Please contact us at to schedule a free consultation. Cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. You pay no attorney fees unless we recover compensation for you.

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