Offering Comprehensive Legal Services To The Residents Of Ventura And Santa Barbara County

Offering Comprehensive Legal Services To The Residents Of Ventura And Santa Barbara County

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For over two decades, our staff at Kinsler Law Offices has helped our clients in Ventura and Santa Barbara County protect their livelihoods. As legal advocates, we will work with you to find long-term solutions for a variety of matters, including workers’ compensation, personal injury, bankruptcy or immigration claims.

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At Kinsler Law Offices, we know that your ability to work affects more than your income. If your family relies on your pay for housing, food and other expenses, getting injured influences your means to provide these necessities. Without this financial support, your family can suffer emotional and mental strain.

Led by our principal attorney, Paul F. Kinsler, our legal professionals are dedicated to obtaining fair compensation for physical trauma suffered at work or off-site. While we understand that a settlement will not reverse the damage done, we will fight to secure an outcome that will help your family meet your financial obligations and create a sense of closure after your accident.

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The Legal Advocate You Need On Your Side

Although California regulations have been established to protect workers’ rights, the process for filing a claim, appealing a rejection and obtaining benefits can be complex. Paul F. Kinsler and his staff have more than 20 years’ experience in defending workers’ compensation claims in the state. As a result of our substantial knowledge of the workers’ compensation system, we design legal strategies that encourage a quick resolution and produce favorable results.

While your employer is required by law to provide workers’ compensation insurance, your employer may seek to limit your benefits to protect revenue. In representing your case, we will educate you on your options and promote your interests throughout the process.

Whether you are suffering from a condition that is pre-existing or was caused by repetitive motion, we have a record of success in obtaining maximum compensation for our clients employed in a variety of positions, including:

Your employer may seek to minimize your benefits to preserve the company’s financial reserves. At our firm, your income is our primary concern. It is our goal to strengthen your long-term financial stability.

Providing Comprehensive Counsel Beyond Workers’ Compensation

In addition to offering extensive services for a range of workers’ comp concerns, our legal professionals can advise you on matters relating to other practice areas such as:

  • Personal injury
  • Bankruptcy
  • Immigration

The breadth of our offerings ensures that our staff can address many legal issues influenced by injury claims. As a result of partnering with Kinsler Law Offices, you will not need to hire a separate bankruptcy attorney or immigration lawyer. Our staff can ably assist you with these needs as well.

Reach our staff to schedule a free consultation today by calling our office at 805-330-6567 or by completing our online contact form. For your convenience, we have offices in Oxnard, Santa Paula, Santa Maria and Santa Barbara. In addition, we visit clients off-site as well.

If we take your case, you will owe nothing until we reach a settlement.