Offering Comprehensive Legal Services To The Residents Of Ventura And Santa Barbara County

Offering Comprehensive Legal Services To The Residents Of Ventura And Santa Barbara County

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For over two decades, our staff at has helped our clients in Ventura and Santa Barbara County protect their livelihoods. As legal advocates, we will work with you to find long-term solutions for a variety of matters, including workers’ compensation, personal injury, bankruptcy or immigration claims.

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Finding Solutions Workers Suffering From Repetitive Trauma Injuries

Whether it’s from transferring patients from a hospital bed to a wheelchair, carrying heavy gear, walking the same route on patrol, you can suffer injuries when you engage in a repetitive motion for a prolonged period. Over time, you can experience long-term damage that affects your ability to do your job and influences your quality of life. When your injuries are job-related, it’s your employer’s responsibility to cover various costs through a workers’ compensation policy.

Established in Oxnard, has been advising Ventura County and Santa Barbara County workers on their workers’ comp claims since 1993. Directed by Paul F. Kinsler, our lead attorney, our legal professionals are committed to helping you secure the benefits you are entitled to receive. We have decades of legal experience in assessing claims and determining the most effective course of action to take to defend your case in court.

Representing Clients In A Variety Of Cases For Repetitive Trauma Or Motion Injuries

The cumulative effect of a series of motions can weaken joints, ligaments, muscles and other body parts. If you are a medical professional, firefighter or police officer, your ability to respond quickly can be compromised by repetitive motion injuries (RMIs) or repetitive stress injuries (RSIs).

Our firm has a record of success in promoting workers’ suits for a range of matters, including:

  • Tendonitis
  • Slipped discs
  • Rotator cuff strains
  • Lower back injuries
  • Nerve, muscle or tissue injuries
  • Stress fractures

If you are suffering from an overuse injury related to tasks performed at your work, you may be entitled to receive payment for medical aid, lost wages, rehabilitation and retraining should your injury prevents you from resuming previous activities.

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