Offering Comprehensive Legal Services To The Residents Of Ventura And Santa Barbara County

Offering Comprehensive Legal Services To The Residents Of Ventura And Santa Barbara County

Compassionate Counsel.
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For over two decades, our staff at Kinsler Law Offices has helped our clients in Ventura and Santa Barbara County protect their livelihoods. As legal advocates, we will work with you to find long-term solutions for a variety of matters, including workers’ compensation, personal injury, bankruptcy or immigration claims.

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Strengthening Your Pre-existing Conditions Claims

When you applied for your job and received a new position, your employer recognized that you were being hired “as is.” Supervisors and business owners know that the workers they hire may have been injured in the past and may get hurt at work in the future. This is why they pay into a workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Whether you sustained injuries from a previous accident or have an inherited condition that restricts your ability to work, there are laws in place to help you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if a work-related accident aggravates a pre-existing injury or condition.

At Kinsler Law Offices, our legal staff has more than 20 years’ experience in advising hurt employees in Oxnard and its surrounding cities. Drawing on our substantial knowledge of California’s workers’ compensation regulations, policies and procedures, our legal professionals can study your claim and counsel you on your options.

Designing Effective Strategies For Complex Claims

Our founding attorney, Paul F. Kinsler, has obtained large settlements on behalf of employees who work on farms, in hospitals, in law enforcement or in restaurants. His rich legal background helps him tailor the most effective course of action to take when pursuing a workers’ compensation claim for pre-existing conditions or injuries such as:

  • Hernias
  • Muscle strains
  • Arthritis
  • Torn ligaments
  • Back injuries

It is important to understand that your employer is not responsible for paying for medical bills associated with an old injury unless the injury is aggravated onsite as a result of a workplace accident.

Establishing a case that connects current damage to a previous injury can be difficult to do if you are not familiar with California codes and guidelines. When you hire the services of Kinsler Law Offices, you will partner with a lawyer who is compassionate and experienced in the field of workers’ compensation.

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